New journeys

Here I sit, with my hair frizzed out after a long day of taking care of kids, cleaning, and teaching my daughter school.  I am taking a semi quiet moment to write this while decked out in my favorite yoga pants and my favorite t-shirt that my husband bought me for Christmas.  In case anyone is curious, it says, “My Husband’s Wife is Is Freaking Awesome! True Story.”  I figure since my handsome hubby bought it for me I am totally allowed to wear it with pride 🙂

My name is Sharon and I am passionately in love with my wonderful husband, my five-year old daughter, my three-year old son and Jesus.  I am a stay at home wife, mommy, new homeschooler, and praying about taking yet another exciting journey, starting my own business.  We are making sacrifices to live the way we live and learning a lot in the process.

My newest journey that I am on is homeschooling my daughter, who is now in kindergarten.  When we were first making our decision how to educate our daughter, we  researched many different options.  My husband and I prayed about it a lot.  We both felt led to homeschool, but I frankly did not want to do it.  I argued with God about it a lot, I tried to convince Him that I knew better than He did.  Has anyone else tried to do that?  It is kind of silly now that I think back on it.  I had so many concerns.  I suspect they were all the usual suspects.  I was worried about whether my kids would get enough socialization of course, I worried about how to do it, I was overwhelmed by curriculum options, but most of all I was terrified!  The questions that ran through my mind were things like, What if I royally mess up my kids?  In the end, we decided that it is always best to follow the Lord’s path for our lives and trust Him to help us with the twists and turns along the way.

I wish I would have started writing this blog six months ago, because I have learned many lessons in the last six months and had so much fun.  Alas, I did not, but there is one lesson I would like to share with all you new home schoolers out there.  Remember your goal in homeschooling is NOT to finish the book!  When we are homeschooling our goals are to educate our children.  Finishing the book does not necessarily equal an education.  If you start something and it becomes ridiculously painful and is not working for your child for whatever reason, know you are free.  You can shelve it!  Maybe your child isn’t ready for it or maybe it doesn’t work for them, but whatever the reason don’t hesitate to shelve it and do something that works for your individual kid.

I learned this lessons with my daughter’s reading curriculum.  We started with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. (Let me say this, I know people who use this book and it works great for their kids but for my daughter, it was a battle.  She was learning to read but wasn’t enjoying it.)  I knew relatively early that my daughter hated this book.  I never did understand why exactly.  It is scripted and the pages weren’t very engaging to look at, but I still don’t know why she disliked it so.  She was learning to read but it was a huge fight!  By lesson 80, both my daughter and I were done.  I was doubting whether home school was the answer, but I started to pray and finally felt led to change reading curriculums.  We switched to The Reading Lesson: Teach Your Child to Read in 20 Easy Lessons.  It uses a similar approach but is less scripted and the pages were child friendly.  We started over at the very beginning.  She went through the first lessons extremely fast and built confidence.  We also started a reward chart for her, where she gets a sticker when she reads with a good heart.  As we got further into the book, we slowed down to go at a pace comfortable for her.  Her reading has improved drastically and she has even started reading little books on her own.  No more tears!

Each child is an individual and require different things to learn.  So, if you are struggling with something, please don’t hesitate to stop reevaluate, and if necessary change what you are doing.  One of the beauties of homeschool is freedom.  You can adjust your curriculum to go as fast or slow as your child needs.

I am loving every moment with my husband and children.  I count myself as one of the luckiest women in the world because I get to share my life with them, while serving Jesus.


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