Reasons I Love Homeschool: A Secret Journey

When I started out to homeschool, I honestly did not want to do it.  I am doing it as what I feel is an act of obedience to the Lord.  I wasn’t one of those parents that have a long list of things that I hate about the public school system.  I have no judgement whatsoever to all of the parents that are currently sending their children to school.  I actually wanted to be one of those parents, but God has a funny way of interrupting plans.  You can imagine my surprise, that I have found I actually really love to homeschool.  I don’t know what I thought it was going to be like, but it is actually really fun.  My house is always a mess, I am no June Cleaver, things around here are organized chaos, but with all of the messy there is a lot of joy.

I have been homeschooling my daughter now for a whole six months, I know this makes me a veteran right?  Well maybe not, but it has given me a little time to realize the things that I surprisingly love about homeschool.  There are also things that stress me out a bit but I don’t really plan to talk about that right now.  My assurance when it comes to the things that stress me out is that I know the Lord is with me on this journey and will guide my steps.

Right now, as I am writing this post, my two kids are hopping through the house on bouncy balls, carrying swords and shields.  You see, they are on a secret journey.  I have no idea what the journey is, it is a secret after all and the journey is 100 percent in their little imaginations.  I have concluded that the balls they are bouncing on are their valiant steeds.

If I wasn’t homeschooling, my daughter would be sitting in a kindergarten classroom right now, not on a secret journey.  At the school here, she would be going to a full day of kindergarten.  That means my five-year old daughter would be sitting at a desk for the vast majority of the day.  I love the fact that we are done with school in about two hours (it is a lot more efficient to teach one child than I imagine it is to teach twenty) and then the rest of her day is filled with doing other things.  She gets to she gets to sit and read whatever books she wants, she gets to run and play outside for hours on end, and she gets to go on as many secret journeys as her imagination can dream up.


3 thoughts on “Reasons I Love Homeschool: A Secret Journey

  1. Yes, I am starting homeschool next year with my daughter that will be in fourth grade. I have volunteered in her classroom all of the years she has been in school. There is a lot of needless busy work given just to keep the children in their seats and quiet. It takes a bit of time to wrangle over 20 kids from place to place to do PE, art, music, lunch, recess etc. I have found in the Public School that more time is spent on these activities than on actual instruction and it is almost impossible to give any child one on one instruction at any time. I, also, have no problem with public schools and actually some of my daughter’s teacher’s from this year and in the past are personal friends of mine and are helping me by “looking over” my plans and suggesting workbooks and such to supplement. They have been surprisingly supportive of my decision.


    • I hope you will truly enjoy homeschool. I have found that it is a whole lot of fun. I have enjoyed having the extra time with my children. I am happy people have been supportive of your decision to homeschool.

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