Simple Science: Ice Cube On A String

Today in school, we did a fun little science experiment.  The nice thing about this experiment is that I had all the items on hand and my kids adore playing with ice.

The materials that you need are salt, thick thread (we used a piece of yarn), and ice cubes.  You could also use a record sheet if your kids are older.  My children are only three and five and really don’t write well enough to do the record sheet part.  The idea of the record sheet part is to divide the experiment into the three steps and explain what happened.

To do the experiment, first soak the string in water.  Have the student lay the string on top of the ice-cube.  Have your child sprinkle salt along where the ice and the string are touching each other.  Then have the child lift the string.  The ice-cube should be stuck to the string and yes my son is dressed like Anna from Frozen….he has a sister, what can I say.


We then talked about why the “trick” worked.  Basically, the salt melts the ice where the thread lies.  The cold ice freezes the water again and traps the thread in the ice cube.  We expanded the discussion to talking about icy roads and why they put salt on the roads.

This was very fun and very simple.


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