Felt Like Christmas

When I decided to start my own Pink Zebra business I was really excited.  It took my husband and I both a couple of months praying about it and research before we made our decision.  In case, you don’t know what Pink Zebra is, it is a direct sales company that specializes in scented wax called Sprinkles.  The sprinkles smell incredible, burn clean and are customizable.  You can mix sprinkles to create endless scent combinations.  You can also use them for a wide variety of purposes, including making your own candles, melting them in warmers, using them as deodorizers, putting them in sachet, you can even sprinkle them in your cat’s litter box!  Seriously, they are non toxic and are harmless to pets.  Make that smelly litter box smell like a fresh breeze.

There are a few reasons I chose to start my Pink Zebra Business.  First, it is an awesome excuse for this stay at home mommy to get out of the house and get to know new friends.  It is something that I need to do for myself.  Second, I absolutely love Sprinkles!!!  Did I say that already?  I mean seriously, I love them!  For so many reasons.  The third reason, is because Pink Zebra is a ground floor opportunity.  It is not over saturated with independent consultants, like some other unnamed direct sales companies out there.  There are companies around here that I could throw a rock and probably hit one of their consultants.  The fourth reason is the fact that I love how they care about the community.  They have a program called the Heroes Program.  For every $500 party that is held, Pink Zebra donates a full day of child care to a single mother.  As a person who provides childcare for a single mother, I can’t think of a better cause to back.  I see her struggle every day. She works super hard and I know this program could really help her and so many other moms out there.

Today, was an exciting day in this new venture.  It was the day my business kit arrived in the mail.  It came in a great big box, that I got to unwrap a little bit at a time.


I, of course dropped everything I was doing to unwrap my present to myself. It felt like Christmas morning to me.  I haven’t been so excited to get something in the mail in a really long time! I got the basic kit, which costs $99.

My kit came with two jars of sprinkles, a shimmering light warmer, a lovely shade for it, a tart style warmer, a set of six candle packages, catalogs, order forms, part invitations, a consultant manual, a reed diffuser, lotion tester, as well as one month of my website, and samples of all the variety of scents.  They all came in these really cute zebra print boxes.  FUN!


Unwrapping my kit was so much fun.  I felt like a kid in a candy store.  My kids did too because we then spent two hours playing with sprinkles.  We smelled everything, mixed scents, melted some sprinkles and generally had a great time.  I am not sure, but I think my kids may actually love them more than me.  They want to get the sprinkles out, over and over and over again.  I will have to think of ideas to let them help me with this.

I am so excited for this new adventure.  If you are interested in hosting a party.  This can be done online and via catalog, and remember a $500 party means a single mommy gets a free day of childcare, contact me.  Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing products, or joining my team.  My email address is pzsprinklesofpeace@gmail.com.  Please take a moment and check out my website at http://www.pinkzebrahome.com/sprinklesofpeace.   If you want samples of sprinkles, send me an email.  I am happy to share my sprinkles!


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