Is God To Busy?

When I contemplate God, I am awestruck.  I often wonder how God does everything He does and I think is there anything God can not do.  Since God created the heavens and the universe, the answer to that question is no, definitely there is nothing too big for Him to do.

My pastor asked a question this morning that I have been considering all day.  He asked, “Is there anything to small for God to do?”  Now that is a good question.  I know that there are times in my life that I have had the thoughts that my small, insignificant problems, may not be all that important to God.  Does God really care that we needed that commission and it fell through?  Does he care about the little details of my life, when there are literally billions of people praying to him all the time?

My husband and I have struggled financially.  He works in sales, and manages a retail mattress store.  His commission depends on him making budget and on his personal sales.  A couple of months ago, we were having a particularly difficult time.  I had lost the job I had babysitting, which cut our income.  He was having a great month at work.  He had written enough sales that, as long as they all get delivered, he was going to get a nice commission check.  Needless to say, we were looking forward to that check.  We needed that check.  Then it happened.  A truck, with several of the beds he had sold, did not show up!  It was about $6,000 in product.  This happened the day before the period was to end.  That meant, it would literally take a miracle for him to get his commission.  He had one day to sell $6000 worth of product that he did not have, the truck no showed after all and have it delivered in the same day.  I personally felt broken, we have taken many financial hits in our lives, like I am sure many of you have, and this time, I didn’t feel strong enough to handle it.

I decided to reach out to a good friend of mine.  I know this lady well, and I know she is a prayer warrior!  She loves Jesus with a passion and so does her husband.  I asked her to pray for me.  I told her the truth.  I felt depressed, I felt like God didn’t really care about us, and I felt like there was a giant vacuum sucking all the money out of our checking account.  She prayed for me on the spot of course, a simple prayer and gave me some verses to encourage me.  What I didn’t know, was that when she got home that night she and her husband prayed for us for hours.

The next day, was the last day of the period.  My husband went to work, without much expectation.  He was pretty beaten down too.  Fortunately, God does care and He isn’t too busy.  A person moving to Texas came into his store that day.  He decided to buy the most expensive bed  on his floor and have it delivered same day out of the facility in Texas to his new home!!!  It was a $7000 sale.  Let me tell you, that doesn’t happen, but that day it did.  God provided.  He cared about that check we needed.  I called my friend and told her what happened.  She started to cry and told me that she and her husband spent their entire evening praying for a miracle.  I of course started to cry too, tears of thanksgiving.

This incident largely changed how I view God.  It made me realize that He cares about the little things and showed me in a practical way how much He loves me.

Thy lovingkindness, O Lord, extends to the heavens, Thy faithfulness reaches to the skies. Psalm 36:5

Thanks you Jesus that you are never too busy!  Thank you that nothing is too small for You and You desire us to take all of the things on our hearts to You.


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