Sprinkles Are Awesome

I have been having a good time starting my business this last month.  As some of you know, I am an independent consultant for Pink Zebra.  Pink Zebra’s primary product is called Sprinkles.  Let me tell you they are amazing!  Sprinkles are little bits of soy based wax.  They are beautifully colored and they smell absolutely amazing!!!  There are so many different scents, that there is something for everyone whether you like fruity scents, floral, clean scents, or you just love the smell of coffee.

My kids have had a great time mixing the different scented sprinkles together to make their own unique scents.  There is an actual recipe book for that by the way, but my family has had fun winging it.

Here are some of the uses for sprinkles.


I personally love sprinkling them at the bottom of my diaper pail.  It really helps freshen it up a bit!  An idea that is not on this picture, is you can use them as an air freshener for your car.  I took an old plastic container for mints, cleaned it out, and put in my favorite sprinkles.  Whenever I want some fresh scent in the car I open the little lid.  When I have enough scent, I close the lid.  I love having control over how strong of a scent I want.  You can use a little for a light scent or more for big time scent.  It is all up to you.

Sprinkles are non toxic, clean burning, and have a low melting point.  That means the wax is not super hot when you melt it.  My three-year old stuck his finger in the melted wax and did not get burned.  Yes I know, I felt like the mother of the year but it is good to know that they are safe for kids.  Since they are non toxic, even if your children or pets eat them (which they taste awful I don’t recommend them for flavor) it won’t really hurt them.

If you would like a sample of Sprinkles please email me at pzsprinklesofpeace@gmail.com.  Just send me your address and types of scents you love, and I would be happy to drop some sprinkles in the mail to you.  I LOVE SHARING MY SPRINKLES.  

You can also check out my website at http://www.pinkzebrahome.com/sprinklesofpeace


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