To All the Mom’s

When I had my children, my husband and I had to start making choices.  We made choices according to what we felt were important.  Many of those choices involved making sacrifices, as we have all made for our kids.  We decided together that I would stay at home with the children, we decided together to home school our kids, we decided that I would nurse the kids, and the list goes on and on.  Each of those decisions are highly personal decisions.  They were made according to what fit our family.   In all likelihood, you and your family have made different decisions for your family for your own reasons.  Guess what, good for you!  Make those decisions and do best by your kids.

I sometimes get tired of the constant criticism that flows out of people regarding the choices we moms make for our children and our family.  These criticisms come no matter what decisions you make as a parent.  If you are a working mother, the criticism comes from the side that would argue that you aren’t spending enough time with your kids.  If you are a SAHM the criticism comes from people who foolishly think all we do all day is sit at home in our yoga pants, eating bon bons and watching our favorite soap opera.

It is ridiculous to criticize each other all the time ladies!  I don’t care if you stay at home, if you nurse, if you work, what type of school you have your children in, etc. It doesn’t really matter!!  We made decisions according to what our individual families needed at the time.  Most of us are probably willing to change those decisions if or when we realize what decided on really is not working.

I think we can all agree that 99% of us are doing our absolute best to do what we believe is in the best interest of our children and our individual families.  We have all had our kids have melt downs at embarrassing very public places, making you feel like crawling under a rock.  We have all had those nights when our little ones threw up all over the house at 3 a.m.  We have all had those days when we experience sheer exhilaration and joy at watching our children finally accomplish that one thing that they have struggled with.  We have all been exceedingly happy and exceedingly tired at the same time, which is really hard to explain.

Ladies, let’s stop the madness.  Let’s support each other and encourage one another, not beat down each other because we’ve made different decisions!  We need to show each other love, we need to build each other up when we are feeling beat down (not pick up a bigger bat) and we need to be each other’s cheering section.


One thought on “To All the Mom’s

  1. Great post! I’m currently a SAHM and homeschooling parent. I’ve also been a working mom. I’ve had my kids in school… one in public for two years and both in private school (where I taught school). Each of our decisions has been based on what is best for our family and no matter what those decisions are/were, there are people who want to stand on the sidelines and criticize. That’s why I appreciate this post! I look forward to reading more from you. 🙂


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