Jumping When God Says Too

It has been a long time since I have written on my blog! My family and I have experienced a sudden, unexpected change in direction in life about a year and a half ago. It has kept us very busy adjusting ever since.

Several years ago, my husband started to feel like the Lord was speaking to him about being a nurse. When you have two kids, working full time and one income, that is really hard to do. We kept trying to figure it out but it was put on the back burner for years.

In November 2015, I felt like the Lord started putting on my heart that we needed to move so my husband can go to nursing school. I told the Lord, He was crazy but God was persistent. Right before Christmas I told my husband what God was putting on my heart, fully expecting him to tell me I was nuts. He got in the shower, and came out ten minutes later and laid out the rough draft of a plan. I would need to get a full time job. We would need to sell our house, find a home to rent in Phoenix, this would likely take months. Grandma could watch the kiddos to help out (thus the need to move, we needed family). Within one week I found a job in social work paying me the 40k I needed. Serious miracle right there as I don’t have a Masters. We found a home and moved within a week and a half. Our house sold one month later.

God said to jump so we jumped. The last year and a half has been a crazy, wild ride. My husband has his CNA now and is on the waiting list to begin the RN program. I am working full time in foster care, which is an area that has always been my passion. My kids are going to a great school, enjoying making friends.

I found out later from my husband that he knew instantly that what God laid on my heart was from God because the day before a homeless man walked into his mattress store he was working at. My husband gave the man food and water. The man then told my husband he was not homeless at all. The man was a pastor of a homeless church and walked into the store because God had given him a prophetic word. The man then went on to tell my husband God wanted him to move on and pursue the call God has for him.

When I look back on this I am still amazed at the way God stopped us in our tracks and moved so quickly to get us where He wanted to be.


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