What Type of School is Best

When my daughter was entering kindergarten, my husband was convinced we should homeschool her.  I was not as convinced but after much prayer we made the decision to homeschool without intention of sending her to public school.  I proceeded to homeschool my daughter for two years.  Honestly, we loved it.  Then it happened, that life changing moment when God calls you to completely change your life to pursue his call.  God called us to pack up and move.  He said my husband is to go to nursing school and thus I had to go to work full time and my kids needed to go to school.  Now my kids are going to a very good public school.  Guess what?  They love it.  They are enjoying all of their friends and are growing in their confidence.

Now I have been in a unique position to experience both sides of the debate of homeschool vs. public school vs. charter schools.  I have heard people say public school is awful and I have heard people say homeschooling is awful.  I have heard so much judgement.  Parents let me say this,  every family needs to make their decisions based on their kids unique situation.  Both types of schooling has merit and both weaknesses.  I miss the one on one with my kids but my kids are enjoying getting to make lots of friends.  Their confidence is growing.  I miss getting to have direct control of what they are learning, yet I believe my son who is a bit ADHD seems to respond better to his teacher than to me.

My point being if you are considering school choice, let me encourage you to pray about what will work best for you and your kids.  Pray God directs you.  I believe you can raise your kids to be well educated, healthy, And loving humans no matter what school choice you make.  Neither school option is bad.  Know that with homeschooling, you need a lot of dedication but it is fun, doable, and you get to spend memorable days with your kids.  With public school, your kids get to learn that they are able to function, make friends, and build confidence.

Moms and Dads don’t stress!  Seek the Lord and make the decision that is best for your kids.  If you mess up, no worries, God covers our mistakes and you can always change your mind,


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