I want to welcome you to Sprinkles of Peace.  My name is Sharon.  I am a wife, mommy and a home school parent.  I am madly in love with my wonderful husband, my five-year old daughter, my three-year old son and Jesus.  Right now, my life is in a time of transition.  I am learning to home school, to live healthier and I am looking to start a business to help supplement our income.  I am interested in all kinds of ideas to entertain and educate my kids, ideas about how to live a healthier life, food (glorious food) and creative ways to live on a budget.  I hope you will enjoy and stay a while.


One thought on “About

  1. My wife homeschooled our youngest daughter (now 30) from grades 5-7. It was a challenging but rewarding experience. I think a lot depends on the child’s (and parent’s) temperament. She used a curriculum from the Calvert School which is based in Baltimore. She found it very helpful. It provided structure, books and a teacher-mentor. You may find it helpful as well. You have a lot on your plate :-). Good luck!


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